Choosing Your Steel Stack Fabricator

The structural and mechanical designs of steel stacks are complex. Susceptible to wind and seismic loads as well as corrosion and erosion, steel stack design is a challenge. With that in mind, the steel stack fabricator selection is critical to realize the intent of the engineer and adhere to specification and quality control requirements.

Most industries require one or any combination of steel stacks:

• Free standing steel stacks
• Base supported and braced steel stacks
• Base supported and guyed steel stacks
• Steel stacks fully supported by another structure

Choosing a steel stack fabricator with depth of fabrication experience and a full understanding of the varying specifications and QA/QC requirements that may be involved is imperative to the success of any project. Many factors should be considered.

• ASME Accreditation
• QA/QC Program
• Welding Procedures and Certifications
• Facilities and Equipment
• Port Access and Heavy Hauling Capability

Dixie Southern has been a trusted source in industrial markets since our inception in 1976. Over the decades we have developed into an efficient, high quality, low-cost producer of fabricated steel stacks. Contact us today to request a steel stack quote!

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