How to determine the Right Heavy Industrial Process Ductwork for your Application

Steel process ductwork is required in a wide range of industrial markets for many applications, including power generation, mining & minerals, pulp & paper, and more. Whether providing air flow for equipment or exhausting gases and particulates, industrial process ductwork takes on many shapes and sizes. Industrial facilities employ large exhaust and air flow systems to assure process performance and attain quality assurance benchmarks.

Designed for harsh work environments, heavy industrial duct is generally 1/4″ thick or greater fabricated from carbon steel, stainless steel, or specialty alloy plate. The durability of steel process ductwork allows it to stand up to the hot, abrasive, and corrosive materials that it will meet.

Heavy industrial process ductwork must be precise and highly engineered to specific sizes and strict tolerances so that it can maintain the system’s efficiency and performance. Special fabrication attention should be paid to the ductwork’s weld quality, insulation, and finishing.

Process ductwork is available in round or rectangular shapes. Round ductwork is often chosen because of airflow and structural integrity. The majority of cement plant process ductwork is round since the round duct shape does not bend between circumferential stiffeners so bending stiffeners are not required.

Rectangular ductwork is selected as a better fit in process building and interface with equipment. Power plant ductwork is usually rectangular and incorporates heavy stiffeners.

At Dixie Southern, we fabricate to our client’s custom design, test, and deliver round, square, and rectangular heavy-welded ductwork at our 12-acre, 65,000 square foot manufacturing facility in West Central Florida. We have been assisting companies like yours since 1976 with their oversized steel ductwork needs. As a leader in the competitively priced steel plate fabrications, we have the expertise to guide you in determining the right heavy industrial process ductwork type for your application.

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