Our Chemical Tank Fabrication Process

Chemical tanks are containers that come in a variety of sizes and shapes to store, process, mix, or transport both raw materials and finished chemical products. Industries such as oil & gas, chemical, agriculture, power generation, waste treatment, and more rely on chemical tanks to complete projects.

At Dixie Southern, our chemical tank fabrication process meets the standards of the American Petroleum Institute (API). Your chemical tank is guaranteed to high-quality and durable for many chemicals for years.

Our 5-Step Process

1.    Our professional fabricators design your chemical tank to meet API standards.
2.    You review our chemical tank design before we begin the chemical tank fabrication.
3.    We use cutting-edge designs and manufacturing processes to ensure that your chemical tank meets your specifications.
4.    Chemical Tanks are inspected in accordance with the appropriate API standard and the corresponding label attached
5.    Your chemical tank is delivered to your facility anywhere in the continental U.S. and Carribean.

To learn more about our chemical tank fabrication services, contact us today!

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