The Importance of Technology in your Manufacturing Facility

As a structural steel and plate fabricator, the speed with which technologies have advanced in recent years can be mind-bending. BIM, CNC, Robotics, Materials Management, AI, VR, and the list keeps growing. While not every cool toy is a fit for your shop, the hard truth is that to stay viable in the marketplace, structural steel and plate fabricators need some version of “all of the above”. Getting your head around it and putting a plan into action can seem insurmountable at times.

Before adopting any technology, however, a few questions must be addressed.

  • Where is our place in the market? Do we need this technology to remain viable?
  • What market share are we looking to capture?
  • Is the software/equipment to be employed consistent with our goal(s)?
  • Is the software/equipment nimble? Can it be adapted to inevitable innovation?
  • What is the time frame to realize a return on our investment?

All are difficult questions, especially as fast as things are moving and the expense that is involved. It can be intimidating, but the necessity of adopting new technologies is vital to the success of your organization. You must determine where you are on the adoption curve.

  • While early adopters pay a premium and face a high level of risk, there are some advantages. There is a period of prestige by being among the first to implement a new technology, as well as early market penetration.
  • The early majority is the sweet spot. The new technology is largely proven, and the market share is still on a steep incline.
  • Late majority adopters are employing completely proven technology while still seeing market share on the upswing, although waning.

Wherever you choose to be, and with what technology, the important thing is to find a way there. At Dixie Southern, we are humbled to provide our clients with the latest technologies to complete their structural steel and plate fabrication projects. Contact us today for a quote

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