How We Fabricate Our Custom Pressure Vessels

At Dixie Southern, we have a four-step process for fabricating our custom pressure vessels!

Step 1: Review
Before we begin designing and fabricating your pressure vessel, our team will review your needs and exact specifications to design the custom pressure vessel you are seeking.

Step 2: Fabrication
Fabricating a pressure vessel is a challenging process. Our highly skilled craftsmen use cutting edge technologies to cut, form, assemble, and weld metal components during the pressure vessel fabrication process.

Step 3: Certification
Our pressure vessels undergo “hold point” and post fabrication inspections/testing to ensure they meet ASME standards.

Step 4: Delivery
After we have fabricated and certified your pressure vessel, we ship the pressure vessel to your facility.

To learn more about Dixie Southern’s pressure vessel fabrication process, visit our ASME Pressure Vessels page. We have decades of experience designing, fabricating, assembling, and inspecting custom ASME tanks and pressure vessels!

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