Dixie Southern’s Role in the Agricultural Industry

At Dixie Southern, we fabricate carbon and stainless-steel bulk storage containers for the agricultural industry. We fabricate our steel storage bins and bulk storage containers at our 12-acre manufacturing facility in West Central Florida.

Our custom steel storage silos, steel storage bins, and steel hoppers are used by different industries for a variety of applications! The primary function of our steel bulk storage containers is to provide the agriculture industry with a way to increase food storage life and protect product from the elements [1]. With decades of experience, we can ensure that your steel storage silo is built to your exact specifications and can withstand the test of time.

  • Steel silos that are properly coated will resist corrosion and offer increased durability and longevity
  • Our custom fabricated steel storage bins meet API, AWS, AWWA, or USDA Standards as specified by our clients
  • Ideal for grain, animal feed, food products, brewed substances, and more
  • Specialty linings and coatings available to meet your specific bulk storage requirements
  • Available in coatings such as enamel, epoxy, vinyl, rubber, tar, alkyd, and zinc

Founded in 1976, Dixie Southern has been a leader in providing high-quality, competitively priced steel plate products to customers worldwide. Dixie Southern is dedicated to exceeding expectations by providing a diverse line of heavy steel plate fabricated products with a focus on support and partnership. To request a quote, please visit dixiesouthern.com/request-quote/


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