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A leader in competitively priced heavy steel plate fabrication

Steel Vessels from Dixie Southern, Pressure Vessel Fabrication in Florida

About Dixie Southern

Dixie Southern was founded in 1976 and is a leader in competitively priced heavy steel plate fabrications. ASME Accredited and UL Certified, Dixie Southern offers engineering, design, and high-quality plate fabrications with a focus on exceeding our clients’ expectations.

Circulating Water Pipe for Power Plant from Dixie Southern, Steel Fabricator in Florida

ASME Section VIII,

Division 1 & 2 Accredited

with “U”, “R” and “S” Code Stamps

UL Certified

Dixie Southern

Dixie Southern Fabrication Services

  • Design/Engineering
  • Welding
  • Heat Treatment (PWHT)
  • Non-Destructive Examination
  • Painting/Coating/Lining
ASME Butane Splitter, ASME Pressure Vessels

Dixie Southern specializes in the design, fabrication, painting, and delivery of our fabricated steel plate products, such as pressure vessels. This includes legal loads as well as oversized and overweight super loads. Dixie Southern has an established relationship with the Port of Manatee, Port Redwing, and Port of Tampa Bay, which is only 30 miles from the facility. A location close to these main ports allows for efficient shipment by barge.

Dixie Southern Fabricated Steel Plate Products

• ASME Pressure Vessels
• API Shop Fabricated Tanks
• Steel Autoclaves
• Steel Silos, Bins, & Hoppers
• Steel Ductwork – Round & Square/Rectangular
• Large Diameter Steel Pipe
• Process Piping
• Steel Stacks
• Structural Steel Fabrication

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