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Purchasing an ASME Pressure Vessel - Dixie Southern


Three Things to Consider When Purchasing an ASME Pressure Vessel

Feb 05, 2017

Cost should never be the only consideration when purchasing an ASME pressure vessel. Here are three other factors to consider.

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) is an authoritative source for standards in the industrial and manufacturing field. ASME pressure vessels must meet stringent requirements for strength and durability.

Quality of Workmanship for Your ASME Pressure Vessel

Working with a trusted steel fabrication company can ensure that the welds and fabrication techniques used to create your ASME pressure vessel is up to the highest standards. Weld points are especially important because they represent potential failure points for your ASME pressure vessel. We ensure that these welds can withstand the necessary pressures and temperature differentials.

Quality of Materials

Using the strongest and most durable materials significantly improves the safety and the longevity of your ASME pressure vessels. By selecting a company that uses the highest quality materials from trusted sources to construct your ASME pressure vessel, you can enjoy a higher return on your investment and can ensure years of dependable service.

Quality of Design

The right design can enhance the utility of your ASME pressure vessel and can allow you to increase productivity in your working environment. Choosing a steel fabrication company with extensive experience in the design and construction of pressure vessels will help your company continue to run smoothly.

By working with Dixie-Southern, you can enjoy the benefits of our experience and expertise to create the ASME pressure vessel your company needs. To learn more about our custom steel fabrication capabilities, visit our homepage today!

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