Our Experience Building Over-Sized Steel Autoclaves

Dec 19, 2017

Autoclaves are metal chambers used for many different industrial applications that require high pressure, high heat or chemical combinations. These range from the sterilization of medical equipment to the curing of coatings and other substances, to the testing of products for strength and durability. They date back to as early as the late 1600s.

While autoclaves are used widely in many different industries today, we know it can be challenging to find a manufacturer when you need very large, over-sized autoclaves built to your specifications. Fortunately, building custom over-sized products from fabricated steel is our specialty at Dixie Southern.

In fact, we are a one-stop shop for all your autoclave needs including quality control. Here’s the process:

1-Our facility fabricates autoclaves in sections at our manufacturing facility.

2-Our inspectors assure that they’re in compliance with all ASME and API regulations.

3-We transport the autoclave sections for assembly.

Examples of Over-Sized Autoclaves We’ve Built             

To give you an idea of our manufacturing capabilities, here are two examples customers with very different requirements for very large, custom-designed and custom-built autoclaves. We fabricated custom autoclaves for both.

Client 1 – Industry: Aerospace
A large corporation that manufactures, markets and services jet aircraft required over-sized autoclaves for testing fuselage components. Dixie worked with the client to manufacture autoclaves to their specific requirements.

Client 2 – Industry: Composite Resin Products
This company produces boards, sidings and shingles used for outside construction projects like decks. The boards are made from composite cement fibers and require curing at very high temperatures for strengthening. Dixie has worked with this client for several years to build many autoclaves that are used in their company’s manufacturing process.

Dixie Southern Is Your Custom Steel Fabricator

Dixie Southern manufactures a diverse line of fabricated steel products including, but not limited to, large-diameter pipe;  standard and unique-sized steel and stainless steel tanks and pressure vessels; ductwork for power plants; and large silos and holding containers for food and beverage companies.

Our comprehensive capabilities cover every aspect of fabrication including welding, drilling, sawing, rolling, punching, painting and shearing. To learn more about our products or if you need a custom steel-fabricated product, contact us today or request a quote now!



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