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Choosing a Custom Steel Fabricator: 3 Factors to Consider

Nov 29, 2016

You have your project, you know what you need, and now you have to choose a custom steel fabricator to get the job done. What considerations go into your selection? How many factors do you include in your evaluation of a custom steel fabricator, and which are most important?
We’ve worked closely with companies in many different industries – from water and wastewater treatment to oil and gas – and they’ve all been looking for 3 key qualities in choosing a custom steel fabricator: steel fabrication capabilities, experience, and demonstrable quality via case studies and testimonials.

Custom Steel Fabricator Capabilities

Naturally, the first thing to consider is whether the custom steel fabricator in question can create what you need them to create. Many custom steel fabricators have a specialty. Architectural steel fabricators, for instance, create steel pieces for structures. Auto fabricators create components for automobiles. At Dixie-Southern, we specialize in the custom fabrication of large steel and stainless-steel industrial process components – ASME code and non-code tanks, bins, hoppers, pressure vessels, etc.

To ensure a quality job on your custom steel fabrication, make sure the company you select can handle your project from start to finish in house without the need to subcontract to other fabricators. This extra step will go a long way to ensuring an error-free, in-budget and on-time project.

Real Experience

There’s experience, and then there’s experience in choosing a custom steel fabricator. Steel fabricators that have lots of practical, hands-on experience in projects similar to yours will stand out from the crowd. They should be able to break down a complex project into smaller parts and cost segments; translate shop drawings into clear and viable plans; and give a detailed estimate/explanation of turnaround time. We recently celebrated the 40th Anniversary of Dixie-Southern with a company picnic. Some of our employees have been with Dixie-Southern for all 40 of those years.

Case Studies and Testimonials

We would name this section “Quality,” but quality is somewhat subjective and difficult to judge if you haven’t visited the custom steel fabricator’s plant. Of course you should make sure that they have all the necessary certifications and that they perform all required testing, but a better window into the company’s quality are case studies and testimonials. They give you an idea of the company’s capabilities and their customers and provide a preview of what your experience may be like if you choose them for your project. Dixie-Southern has both a case study (more coming soon!) and testimonials from our satisfied customers.

Your Vision, Our Custom Quality

At Dixie-Southern, we continually expand our production capabilities and improve the experience for our customers as a best in breed custom steel fabricator. We recently launched our brand-new website, which has a user-friendly design and a simplified Easy Quote Form to streamline the quote and RFQ process. Visit our homepage or contact us today learn more about Dixie-Southern!

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