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Four Advantages to Buying Steel Fabricated in America - Dixie Southern


Four Advantages to Buying Steel Fabricated in America

May 18, 2017

Everyone knows that steel is one of the strongest man-made metals on the planet. It can also be fabricated into all types of products from tanks and silos to water pipes and ductwork.

Dixie Southern fabricates all these products, plus many more right here in the United States. While there are steel fabricators all over the world, did you know that there are a number of advantages to buying your fabricated steel from a domestic manufacturer?

Here Are 4 Key Advantages

1-It’s good for the country! – Buying steel products fabricated in America is good for the domestic economy because it puts Americans to work. It not only puts welders, machinists, engineers and others to work at steel fabricators, but helps to employ workers in other support industries as well such as truckers, tool makers and raw steel producers.

2-Lower shipping costs. – It’s less expensive to ship fabricated steel products from a domestic steel fabricator to a domestic buyer. Shipping to the United States from outside of the country is simply more expensive.

3-Lower freight costs. – When you buy from an American steel fabricator, you avoid paying duties and other taxes which may be imposed on foreign products, whether they’re shipped by land, air or sea.

4-Fewer logistical challenges – When you buy fabricated steel from a domestic manufacturer like Dixie Southern, you don’t have to worry about all the transportation and logistics challenges – such as overseas warehousing and demurrage – that you will have with international purchases.

Dixie Southern Fabricates Its Steel Products in the United States
Dixie Southern takes pride in manufacturing all its fabricated steel products in the United States. To learn more about the different types of products we make or if you need a custom product, contact us today.

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