Corrosion Concerns in Large Diameter Pipes

Mar 17, 2017

Corrosion can reduce the functionality of large diameter pipes and can even create safety issues. Here is how Dixie-Southern reduces the chances of corrosion.

Reducing or eliminating corrosion saves your company money, reduces the chances of legal liability and fines, and protects workers and the public. Various treatments and coatings are available to prevent corrosion and rust.

Large Diameter Pipes: Applications

Large diameter pipes are integral components for major utilities and water treatment plants. They are also used in the energy industry to transport fluids and gases safely over extended distances. These components generally represent a major investment for businesses and can be expensive to replace or repair. Making sure that your large diameter pipes are constructed to industry standards and that they are adequately protected against corrosion can help you manage costs and ensure greater safety on the job.

Protecting Large Diameter Pipes

Safeguarding large diameter pipes against corrosion and rust will extend their life and reduce the risk of leaks and malfunctions. Coatings, alloys and other treatments can be used to prevent reactions between water, oxygen and the metal used to construct these pipes. Working with a custom steel fabrication company that has extensive experience creating large diameter pipes will ensure you get the most for your money. Stainless steel large diameter pipes are especially useful for companies looking to prevent rust and corrosion. This material is already resistant to many of these chemical processes.

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