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What is NDT Testing? Nondestructive Testing Explained

Nov 15, 2016

If you are wondering what Nondestructive Testing is, you’re in the right spot. Dixie-Southern is a custom steel fabricator that manufactures, sells and erects a wide array of large steel and stainless-steel industrial process components for companies in many industries.
What is NDT Testing? Nondestructive Testing Explained

Nondestructive testing also called NDT testing, is a term referring to a wide array of tests that are used to evaluate the properties of materials, components and assemblies without damaging them or making them unserviceable. NDT testing helps to ensure product reliability and maintain a uniform quality level that is required for the safety of the public.
Examples of Nondestructive Testing

Brinell hardness

The Brinell hardness test is used to determine the hardness of aluminum, iron and steel forgings and castings. The typical range of Brinell testing in the United States is 500 to 3,000 kg with 5 or 10 mm carbide balls for indentation.
Charpy impact

The Charpy impact test is a standardized high strain-rate test used to determine the amount of energy absorbed by a material during fracture. In the most general terms, it measures a material’s toughness. Most commonly used in industry for quality control on metals.
Dye and liquid penetrate

Dye and liquid penetrate testing is used to locate surface-breaking defects in all non-porous materials, including both non-ferrous and ferrous materials. Excellent for locating fatigue cracks on in-service components and welding surface defects in new products.
Dry-film thickness

Dry-film thickness testing is a nondestructive test used to measure the cumulative thickness of coating layers after they are dry. It ensures compliance with many international standards by determining the substrate’s expected lifespan and the product’s fitness for its intended purpose.
Hydro / Pressure Tests

In a hydro or pressure test, water is placed in a pipe or vessel at the required pressure (1.5 times greater than the design pressure) to ensure that it will not leak or be damaged.
Magnetic particle

A nondestructive testing process used to detect surface and subsurface discontinuities in ferrous materials such as iron, nickel, and cobalt.

Radiographic tests use penetrating short wavelength electromagnetic radiation to discover hidden flaws in many different materials.

Ultrasonic tests involve bombarding materials with very short ultrasonic pulse-waves to detect internal flaws or to characterize the material. Typically performed on steel and other metals and allows, ultrasonic tests can be used to monitor pipe work corrosion.

Vacuum leak testing is used to detect leaks by creating a vacuum within a vessel for an established timeframe depending on the depth and dimensions of the vessel.
Custom Steel Fabrication from Dixie-Southern

Dixie-Southern is a custom steel fabricator with the logistical abilities, the manufacturing experience, and the equipment to fabricate, coat and ship large steel and stainless-steel industrial process components. We create large-diameter pipe, ASME pressure vessels, steel tanks, heavy welded ductwork, exhaust stacks, spool pieces, and autoclaves, among many other high quality products. To learn more, please visit our homepage today!

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