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Is it Time to Replace Your Pressure Vessel?

Jul 20, 2016

Pressure vessels are essential to companies in a variety of industries. They need to be kept up to date and up to code—both for your company’s operations and your employees’ safety.

If you use a pressure vessel on your site, ask yourself the following questions:


  • Does the vessel operate above 15 psi?
  • Was it designed, fabricated, and constructed according to the ASME Code or other applicable code? Does the vessel code label or stamp prove this?
  • Is the operating pressure and size of the vessel known and clearly displayed?



  • Has the vessel been maintained, inspected, and repaired according to the NBIC and/or API 510?
  • Is the vessel inspected periodically? What are the criteria for inspection frequency? When was it last inspected externally? When was it last inspected internally?
  • Did the inspection discover thinning of walls due to corrosion, holes, leaks, stress corrosion cracking, embrittlement, or any other defects?



  • Has the vessel been repaired?
  • Were the plan of repair, welding techniques and safety tests approved by an authorized inspector?
  • Were the welding performance qualification tests approved by a qualified inspector? Was the vessel tested after the repair was completed?


Pressure Relieving Devices

  • Are the ratings and settings of the pressure relieving devices appropriate?
  • Have the pressure relieving devices been tested regularly? When was the last time?
  • If the vessel was repaired, did the changes in operating conditions alter relief device settings?
  • Does the vessel have an emergency relief system to handle runaway reactions?


Need Answers?

If you’re unsure of the answers to any of these questions, read our blog “Is Your Pressure Vessel up to Code?” or contact Dixie-Southern, a recognized leader in custom steel fabrication. Submit the exact specifications for your pressure vessel, and we’ll take care of the design, fabrication, and delivery—keeping your vessels up-to-date with state law and in-line with applicable ASME codes.

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