Fabricated Steel Plate Products

Since 1976, Dixie Southern has fabricated thousands of custom ASME pressure vessels and shop fabricated API tanks.

Our fabricated steel plate products include ASME pressure vessels, API shop fabricated tanks, autoclaves, steel storage silos, steel storage bins, hoppers, steel ductwork, large diameter pipe, pipe spools, steel stacks, and structural and miscellaneous steel. We have the experience, personnel, facility, and supply chain to deliver quality products on time.

Dixie Southern specializes in carbon and stainless-steel plate fabrications 1/4″ thick or greater, as well as heavy structural weldments. We also provide process buildings and access steel through our parent company, Southeastern Construction.


We offer carbon-steel or stainless-steel pressure vessels designed and fabricated to meet ASME quality standards.

API shop fabricated Tanks

At Dixie Southern, we design and complete custom chemical tank fabrication. We supply API-certified above-ground, welded-steel storage tanks for customers in the oil and gas industry and beyond.

Steel Autoclave Fabrication

We are a one-stop autoclave solution. We fabricate autoclaves in sections or in whole at our manufacturing facility. Our inspectors assure they’re in compliance with all ASME standards before they’re transported for assembly or installation.


Dixie Southern custom fabricates steel silos, bins, and hoppers for bulk storage in agricultural, commercial, and industrial facilities.


We custom fabricate, test, and deliver round, square, and rectangular heavy-welded ductwork for use in multiple industrial applications. We specialize in fabricating sulfuric acid ducts, SCR, exhaust ducts, and many other types of custom ductwork.

Rolled and welded STEEL PIPE

Our fabricated rolled and welded large diameter steel piping meets the exacting standards of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME Section IX), the American Welding Society (AWS D1.1 and AWS D1.6), the South Florida Water Management District, the US Army Corps of Engineers, and others as specified.

process piping
Dixie Southern fabricates ASME B31 Pressure Piping for multiple processes across industrial markets.


At Dixie Southern, we design, custom fabricate, test, and deliver cylindrical and square exhaust stacks for use in multiple industrial applications. We fabricate exhaust stacks, Heat-Recovery (HRSG) stacks, bypass stacks, and large diameter stacks.


Custom Steel Plate Shapes

We specialize in custom metal fabrication; it opens the doors to a variety of special steel shapes for any type of project. The variety of steel shapes allows today’s engineers to not be limited to using only the most common shapes. Using state-of-the-art tools and techniques, such as water jet, laser, and plasma cutting, metal fabricators can sculpt steel into custom shapes for specific needs.

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