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Dixie Southern is an ASME Accredited facility with decades of experience designing, fabricating, assembling and inspecting pressure vessels to meet Section VIII Division 1 standards.

At our 12-acre, 65,000 square foot manufacturing facility in West Central Florida, we have the professional engineers, drafters, welders and fabricators needed to create your pressure vessels, whatever their size or application.

Recent Work

Aqueous Ammonia Storage Tank - Dixie Southern

Aqueous Ammonia Storage Tank

144” inside diameter

233” long

Aqua Ammonia Tank - Dixie Southern

Aqua Ammonia Tank


132” inside diameter

47′ 10” long

Steam Drains Tank - Dixie Southern

Steam Drains Tank

150” outside diameter

8′ 6” long


Aqua Ammonia Tank - Dixie Southern

Aqua Ammonia Tank


144” inside diameter

49′ 3” long

Steam Turbine Drains Tank

Insulated, On Legs

108” inside diameter

8′ Long

Zeolite Water Softener - Dixie Southern

Zeolite Water Softener 


78” outside diameter

5′ 4 ½” long

Mole Sieves - Dixie Southern

Mole Sieves 

90” inside diameter 

30′ tall

3.5” thick shell

ASME Code Vessels

Pressure Vessels

Suction Scrubber

150” inside diameter

23′ 6” tall


(s2) Refrigerant Separator

120” inside diameter

25′ long


(s3) Mixed Refrigerant Storage Vessel

120” inside diameter

20′ long


S4 Instrument Air Receiver

96” inside diameter

18′ 6” long

ASME Code Vessels

Pressure Vessel Drums

S1 Ethylene Loading Drum

132” inside diameter

40′ long


S2/S3 Loading Arm Drum

48” inside diameter

11′ 6” long


S4 Maintenance Flare KO Drum 

72” inside diameter 

12′ long

ASME Code Vessels


S5 Natural Gas Dryer

24” inside diameter 

5′ tall


S6 Isobutane Dryer

24” inside diameter

5′ long

**Note 18-212, 18-213, 18-221 all  jobs were for the same plant

Working well under pressure since 1976

We serve the exacting needs of facility operators, EPC contractors, general contractors and OEMs in multiple industries.

Power Generator

Water and Wastewater Treatment

Food and Beverage Processing

Mining and Minerals


Oil & Gas

Chemical Treatment

Pulp & Paper


Waste Treatment

Designed, fabricated and delivered to your facility — anywhere in the world

Our Process

Five steps to meeting your exact needs

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Professional engineers and drafters design your steel pressure vessel to meet ASME Boiler and Pressure Section VIII Division 1 or Division 2 codes.

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You review our ASME steel pressure vessel design before we procure materials and begin fabrication.

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We use cutting-edge engineering and manufacturing processes to ensure that your pressure vessel meets all safety regulations and your requirements.

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A National Board of Boiler and Steel Pressure Vessel Inspector verifies your vessel’s integrity with non-destructive testing, and applies a National Board label.

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We conduct any customized testing you require, then paint, load and ship your vessel to your facility anywhere in the continental US or overseas.

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ASME Code Process Vessels

ASME Code Process Vessels

LaSalle Gas Refinery
Colorado, USA

ASME Butane Splitter

ASME Butane Splitter

Gas Plant
Trinidad and Tobago

Jacketed ASME Code Vessels

Jacketed ASME Code Vessels

Chemical Plant
Florida, USA

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