Custom Autoclave Design and Fabrication Since 1976

Autoclaves are steel tanks/containers that are used for chemical reactions, contents under pressure, and/or high temperatures.

Dixie Southern can complete custom heavy autoclave fabrications with carbon steel or stainless steel. Safety, durability, compliance, quality design, and fabrication are all attributes of Dixie Southern’s oversized autoclaves.

How Industrial Autoclaves Work

Industrial autoclaves facilitate high temperatures and pressures for various processes in many industries. The internal chambers of the autoclaves are designed to be cylindrical, as this type of design facilitates a more stable high-pressure environment. Autoclaves are frequently used for sterilizing infectious waste but can also be used to cure and strengthen composite parts that must withstand harsh environments and/or heavy use. Depending on the specific machine and application, autoclaves use either steam or electric heat. Wet steam is created by utilizing a boiler, while dry steam is generated with the use of a heat exchanger. Some autoclaves rely on electric heat rather than steam heat, and in these cases, the autoclave is heated using electric coils.

Autoclaves can be heated with:
  • Wet Steam
  • Dry Steam
  • Electric Heat
Steel Autoclave, Manufactured by Dixie Southern, ASME Certified
Our autoclave fabrication designs are customized for a variety of industries. We fabricate autoclaves in sections or in whole at our manufacturing facility. Our inspectors then assure that they comply with all ASME specifications before they’re transported for assembly or installation.

Industrial Autoclave Applications

Autoclaves are used in multiple industries. Below are common applications of autoclaves.

glass lamination


medical waste


wood treatment


rubber vulcanizing


core leaching

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The Dixie Southern Process

5 Steps to Delivery of Your Custom Autoclave


Our professional engineers and drafters design your autoclave to meet ASME specifications.


You review our autoclave designs before we procure materials and begin fabrication.


Our experienced craftsman fabricate your autoclave in sections or in whole at our manufacturing facility.


Autoclaves are certified by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, compliant with the Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code and the appropriate label applied.


We conduct any customized testing you require, then load and ship your autoclave to your facility anywhere in the U.S. or overseas.
Recent Autoclave Projects
Cement Board Siding Autoclaves, Steel Autoclaves Manufactured by Dixie Southern
Cement Board Siding Autoclaves
Cement Board Siding, Steel Autoclave Project
Cement Board Siding Autoclaves

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