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Stainless-Steel and Carbon-Steel Bins - Dixie Southern


Dixie-Southern produces high-quality stainless-steel and carbon-steel bins for a variety of industrial uses. We offer customized designs with unique linings and coatings to meet the specifications of companies in agriculture, food processing, oil and gas, power generation, chemical storage, and water or wastewater treatment.

Compliance with USDA Standards

By using high-alloy steel for silos and bins, Dixie-Southern manufactures food-storage silos that comply with all USDA standards. Food-storage silos are used for bottled water, juices and concentrates, corn syrup, and other bulk ingredients essential to the food and beverage industries.

The Dixie-Southern Advantage

Dixie-Southern’s bins are reliable, economical, and long-lasting. Our legged, apron, and skirted designs are made to fit in a multitude of spaces and environments, achieving both structural integrity and aesthetic integration.