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Exhaust Stacks - Dixie Southern


Dixie-Southern assists with the design and manufactures stainless-steel and carbon-steel (HRSG) exhaust stacks for a number of companies in the energy industry. To accommodate customers in the power industry who need exhaust stacks, Dixie-Southern creates cylindrical or square exhaust stacks at our large fabrication facility. Large and oversized shipments can be quickly transported to the Port of Tampa or Port Manatee for barge or ship transport. This is an ideal solution for projects on tight deadlines that require extra-large ductwork or exhaust stacks that need to be assembled after shipping.

Specific steel exhaust stacks assignments include: HRSG’s, air-quality control and coal power plant applications with simple or combined cycles for FGD and SCR systems. In addition, Dixie-Southern provides AutoCAD, 3D modeling and design, onsite painting and coating, post-weld heat treatment, and onsite NDT testing.

For more information on exhaust stacks, please contact us now!