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Heavy Welded Ductwork - Dixie Southern


Dixie-Southern produces heavy welded parts for companies in the energy sector, which often require high-quality cylindrical ductwork, stacks, and retrofit parts.

Company Locale

Since Dixie-Southern’s Florida site is close to two of the region’s main shipping ports, we’re able to send large items by barge or ship. Our strategic location allows Dixie-Southern to quickly assemble and ship oversized welded ductwork to customers working on tight deadlines.

Delivering Quality

Our extensive experience in steel and stainless-steel manufacturing, along with our extensive quality-control procedures, has made Dixie-Southern an industry leader in ductwork since 1976. Dixie-Southern is an ASME U, R & S and U2 code shop that provides welding as well as onsite coatings, wallpapering, and linings for seamless integration.