Process Piping

Process Piping Since 1976

From our ASME accredited facility in central Florida, Dixie Southern has provided the industrial markets with shop fabricated process piping since our inception in 1976.

Process piping is an integral part of any industrial process and among the most precise fabrication required for your facility; employing an experienced fabricator is essential. Dixie Southern offers high quality, competitively priced shop fabricated process piping in carbon steel, stainless steel, and other alloys; meeting the needs of our clients with a diverse capability in the shop fabrication of process piping.

Industries Served

We serve the exacting needs of facility operators, EPC contractors, general contractors, and OEMs in multiple industries.

Oil & Gas


chemical treatment


food & beverage processing


mining & minerals




power generator


water & wastewater treatment


pulp & paper


waste treatment

The Dixie Southern Process

5 Steps to Completion of Your Process Piping Projects

Shop Details

Prepare shop drawings in accordance with the provided detail design and specifications.


You review our shop details before fabrication begins.


We utilize cutting-edge manufacturing processes to ensure the process pipe precisely meets the dimensional requirements and welding standards.

Non-Destructive Examination

ASME B31 Process Piping fabrications are inspected in accordance with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, compliant with the B31.1 & B31.3 Codes.

We ship your fabricated process piping to your facility anywhere in the U.S. or overseas.
Recent Process Piping Projects
B31 Gas Piping and Steel Process Piping from Steel Fabricator in Florida

B31 Gas Piping

B31 Gas Process Piping, from ASME Accredited Steel Fabricator in Florida

B31 Gas Piping


B31 Gas Piping

Industrial Gas Process Piping from Dixie Southern, ASME Accredited Steel Fabricator and Carbon Steel Fabricator

B31 Gas Piping


B31 Gas Piping

Gas Process Piping from Steel Fabricator in Florida, Dixie Southern

B31 Gas Piping

Recent Cooling Water Pipe Project from ASME Accredited Steel Fabricator

Cooling Water Piping

Cooling Water Process Pipes Manufactured by Dixie Southern

Cooling Water Piping

Procsess Piping on Truck Trailer after Being Fabricated by Dixie Southern, an ASME Accredited Steel Fabricator

Cooling Water Piping

Process Piping for Cooling Water from Dixie Southern, ASME Accredited Steel Fabricator

Cooling Water Piping

Industrial Water Process Pipes from Dixie Southern, Steel Fabricator in Florida

Cooling Water Piping

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American Welding Society Member
American Water Works Association Member
API Association Member
ASME Certification for Dixie Southern ASME Pressure Vessels and ASME Tank
UL Certification for Dixie Southern, a UL Certified Steel Fabricator
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