If you need stainless-steel or carbon-steel exhaust stacks fabricated to your specifications and delivered to your plant anywhere in the world, let’s talk.

At Dixie-Southern, we design, custom fabricate, test and deliver cylindrical and square exhaust stacks for use in multiple industrial applications. 

We fabricate exhaust stacks, Heat-Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) stacks, bypass stacks and large-diameter stacks. 

Our custom-manufactured stacks meet the exacting standards of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASTM STS-1, ASME Section IX,) and the American Welding Society (AWS D1.1).

ASME - Setting The Standard
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Dixie Southern is an ASME and AWS Accredited manufacturing facility with decades of experience designing, fabricating, assembling and inspecting stacks for industrial applications.

At our 12-acre, 65,000 square foot manufacturing facility in West Central Florida, we have the professional engineers, drafters, welders and fabricators needed to fabricate your stainless-steel and carbon steel exhaust stacks, whatever their height or diameter.

Recent Work

HRSG Stacks - Dixie Southern

HRSG Stacks


22′ 1” outside diameter

179” tall

Knocked Down

Duke Energy

Citrus County, FL

Outlet Stack - Dixie Southern

Outlet Stacks


23′ 1” outside diameter

179′ 4 ½” tall 

Knocked Down

Gemma Power System

Kings Mountain Energy Center

Vapor Combustion Stacks - Dixie Southern

Vapor Combustion Stacks


154” outside diameter

 60′ tall 

Seaport Canaveral

Louisville, KY

Exhaust Stack - Dixie Southern

Exhaust Stacks


22′ outside diameter

148′ 6” tall

Cape Canaveral & Riveria Beach Energy Centers

Doing your exhausting work since 1976

We serve the exacting needs of facility operators, EPC contractors, general contractors and OEMs in multiple industries.

Oil & Gas

Chemical Treatment

Food and Beverage Processing

Mining and Minerals


Power Generator

Water and Wastewater Treatment

Pulp & Paper


Waste Treatment

Designed & fabricated in Florida. Shipped worldwide.

Our Process

Five steps to meeting your exact needs

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Professional engineers and drafters design your stack to meet ASME and AWS standards.

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You review our stack design before we procure materials and begin fabrication.

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We use cutting-edge engineering and manufacturing processes to ensure your stack meets all safety regulations and your requirements.

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An ASME or AWS certified inspector verifies your stack’s integrity with non-destructive testing and applies a certification label.

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We conduct any customized testing you require, then blast, coat, passivate and ship your stack to your facility anywhere in the continental US or overseas.

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Dixie Southern is an API Accredited facility
ASME - Setting The Standard

Dixie-Southern assists with the design and manufactures stainless-steel and carbon-steel (HRSG) exhaust stacks for a number of companies in the energy industry. To accommodate customers in the power industry who need exhaust stacks, Dixie-Southern creates cylindrical or square exhaust stacks at our large fabrication facility. Large and oversized shipments can be quickly transported to the Port of Tampa or Port Manatee for barge or ship transport. This is an ideal solution for projects on tight deadlines that require extra-large ductwork or exhaust stacks that need to be assembled after shipping.

Specific steel exhaust stacks assignments include: HRSG’s, air-quality control and coal power plant applications with simple or combined cycles for FGD and SCR systems. In addition, Dixie-Southern provides AutoCAD, 3D modeling and design, onsite painting and coating, post-weld heat treatment, and onsite NDT testing.