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Steel Silos - Dixie Southern


Dixie-Southern fabricates steel silos for companies in the power, food processing, agriculture, chemical storage, water treatment, and oil and gas industries. We manufacture steel silos from stainless-steel or carbon-steel for safety and compliance and add protective layers for increased durability and longevity. Customized design, protective coating, and compliance labels are available upon request for steel silos.

Storage Solutions

With Dixie-Southern’s reliable and economical storage solutions, we’re able to fabricate large steel silos at our facility before moving them on site for installation. Steel and stainless-steel silos may be installed inside or outside, so long as the steel silo is positioned on a level pad. We ensure our steel silos can fit in almost any space with skirted and legged designs that also enhance overall structural integrity.

USDA Standards

Stainless-steel silos from Dixie-Southern exceed the safety standards required by the USDA. Steel silos are made from a high-alloy steel to resist corrosion. This high-grade steel is made to safely store various products intended for consumption including bottled water, juice, and corn syrup.

Steel and Stainless-Steel Silo Uses

Steel silos are ideal for storing:

  • Grain
  • Oil
  • Brewed substances
  • Animal feed
  • Food products

With insurance and significant bonding, Dixie-Southern offers ASME code, welding, AWS, API and AWWA certifications along with a one-year warranty.

To learn more about steel silos, call us today!