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Towers - Dixie Southern


With North America becoming a leader in alternative energy, Dixie-Southern has stepped up and provided specialty welding, coatings, and heavy fabrication for companies that produce both wind and solar power. Our reliable, customizable products have allowed numerous corporations to thrive while producing clean, renewable energy.


We manufacture weather-resistant towers that can withstand heavy rain, ice, snow, and hail. With customized coatings, our towers are also resistant to environmental toxins that cause corrosion. Each tower is made of steel and/or alloys and has a maximum height of 180 feet and a maximum diameter of 12 feet.

Experience Counts

New energy industries require new products to meet their needs, and Dixie-Southern’s extensive experience in steel manufacturing is now more valuable than ever. With the equipment, skill, and logistical ability to form and ship carbon-steel wind turbine towers that measure up to 180 feet in length with 12-foot diameters, Dixie-Southern has proven to be a key player in the switch to alternative energy. To ensure quality manufacturing, we maintain stringent procedures during manufacturing and inspection. In addition, Dixie-Southern uses automated submerged arc machines to produce high-quality welds on turbine support towers.

Specialized Manufacturing

Dixie-Southern is a company that specializes in producing steel for large and heavy equipment for a multitude of companies in various industries. Our manufacturing site was strategically chosen to ensure efficient land, sea, and air shipments that bring projects to a close well within deadlines.