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Manufacturing Capabilities - Services - Dixie Southern


Situated under an hour from Tampa International Airport and less than 30 minutes from the Port of Tampa and Port Manatee, Dixie-Southern is uniquely positioned to provide rapid turnaround and excellent quality on its entire range of services. We manufacture and sell a wide array of products including large-diameter pipe, standard and unique-sized tanks, and pressure vessels. Dixie-Southern also produces ductwork for power plants and manufactures sizable silos and holding containers for food and beverage companies. Moreover, our manufacturing capabilities have expanded to cover every aspect of fabrication: welding, drilling, sawing, rolling, punching, painting, and shearing.

Post Weld Heat Treatment

When performing a heat treatment, our experts utilize numerous cutting-edge techniques to ensure quality, durability, and compliance.

Drilling and Burning

Dixie-Southern is capable of manufacturing distinctive models with precise dimensions.


Dixie-Southern can add protective coatings that consist of coal tar, zinc, enamel, numerous types of epoxy, chromates, urethane, or silicates. We also use phenolic substances—natural antioxidants that are capable of withstanding excessive moisture.

Non-Destructive Testing

Dixie-Southern provides several additional on-site tests such as:

  • Brinell hardness
  • Charpy impact
  • Dye and liquid penetrate
  • Holiday or dry-film thickness
  • Hydro tests
  • Magnetic particle
  • Pressure
  • Radiography
  • Tensile
  • Ultrasonic
  • Vacuum

Learning Additional Information

If you want to obtain a free price estimate or schedule a consultation, contact us today. Call 941-776-1211.