A Guide to Purchasing New Stainless Steel Tanks

Mar 05, 2017

Choosing the right stainless steel tanks for your industrial applications can help you manage your transportation and processing needs more effectively.

These tanks can be customized to suit your specific needs. Understanding the different specifications available for your stainless steel tank can ensure that your company receives the right service for your tanks’ fabrication, transportation and implementation.

ASME Stainless Steel Tanks

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) code sets forth standards for the fabrication of ASME stainless steel tanks. These tanks are used in a variety of industrial and manufacturing applications. By choosing a stainless steel tank that meets the high standards of ASME, your company can enjoy greater longevity, durability and reliability from your investment.

Tanks Suited to Every Purpose

The intended use of the ASME stainless steel tank dictates the fabrication method, material and dimensions of your finished product. Working with a custom steel fabrication company that has experience in creating all types of stainless steel tanks will help your business achieve its goals more effectively. For everything from food-grade quality ASME stainless steel tanks to those designed for chemical or fuel storage, the highest quality materials and fabrication to exact specifications are a must.

ASME Stainless Steel Tanks from Dixie-Southern

Dixie-Southern is a trusted fabricator of ASME stainless steel tanks that are used in a wide variety of industries for innumerable applications. We proudly serve public and private utilities and energy companies, aerospace firms, food service enterprises and the defense industry. Call us today at 941-776-1211 to learn more about our custom steel fabrication services and to discuss your needs with our engineers. We look forward to working with you!

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