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Rolling Steel Plate into Cones: Uses and Benefits

Apr 28, 2016

Steel cones have many uses for many different industries. Steel plate can be rolled into funnels, chutes, water storage tanks, pressure vessels, and steel tanks. As you’ll see, making a customized steel cone is quite complicated, but ordering one is quite simple when you choose a qualified custom steel fabricator.

How does it Work?

Steel plates are rolled into cones using a plate roll or by shaping the plate with radius dies in a press brake. Depending on the size of the cone and its intended use, it may be produced from a single piece of steel or assembled in sections. Some cones are created by joining together two 180 degree cone segments, and others are made from as many as 12 different pieces.

When deciding how to roll a particular piece of steel plate into a cone, custom steel fabricators must take innumerable factors into account, including:

  • The thickness of the material
  • the major diameter (at the large end)
  • the minor diameter (at the small end)
  • The height of the cone

Customizable Steel Cones

The difficulty of rolling any given steel cone depends on a combination of the factors above. A steel cone with an extreme difference between the major diameter and minor diameter, for example, may have to be rolled from one piece—but this depends on the thickness of the plate being used and the required weight of the cone, among other factors. The process may sound complicated—and it is—but if you’re working with a custom steel fabricator, all you have to do is provide the required dimensions and design criteria.

Custom Steel Fabrication from Dixie-Southern

As a custom steel fabricator, Dixie-Southern offers plate rolling, shearing, shape burning, breaking and bending, heat treatment, surface prep, punching, drilling, and more. In addition to building fluid storage tanks and silos, we have an entire bay dedicated to producing pressure towers used by major canning and beverage companies across North and South America. For more information on our products and the industries we serve, visit our homepage today. If you’re ready to roll, streamline your project today with our Easy Quote Form.

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