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Industries - Dixie Southern


Steel Manufacturing for Power

At Dixie-Southern, our longstanding relationships with the world’s largest engineering and construction companies have provided opportunities to build hundreds of ASME code vessels, tanks and thousands of feet of large-diameter, carbon-steel pipe for power plants and utilities companies across the country. Steel applications for power companies include:

  • Support towers for wind turbines
  • Storage containers for coal
  • HRSG ductwork and stacks
  • Components for air quality devices


Steel Manufacturing for Water

Dixie-Southern fabricates and designs large-diameter pipe systems for various applications used in water and wastewater treatment plants across the globe. Frequent material grades include 300-series products like the 316L and 304L. Water and wastewater companies often need welding work as well. Dixie-Southern supports the industry with large-diameter pipe made from stainless-steel or carbon-steel. We also supply hydropneumatic tanks. Other steel assembly applications for water companies include:

  • Water filtration vessels
  • Suction pumps
  • Barrels and columns


Steel Manufacturing for Food and Beverages

Dixie-Southern supports food and beverage companies with hoppers, silos, and bins made from USDA-approved materials. One entire bay in our shop is dedicated to fabricating large OEM pressure towers and other equipment used to process canned goods and other products at major canning facilities across North and South America. We fabricate, ship, and assemble:

  • Storage tanks
  • Processing containers
  • Steel silos
  • Steel towers


Steel Manufacturing for Oil and Gas

Oil and gas producers often need specialized equipment that can safely store volatile substances. We provide heavy-duty steel containment units for processing and shipping. Our extensive experience and ideal location enable us to complete oil and gas refinery projects successfully and on time. Our steel manufacturing applications include:

  • Oil and water separation containers
  • Absorption units
  • Storage tanks for lube oil


Steel Manufacturing for Chemical, Paper and Pulp

Dixie-Southern, located in central Florida, provides a wide range of steel products for the phosphate mining and chemical industries. We have also developed specialty steel products for many of the area’s paper and pulp mills. Our steel manufacturing applications include:

  • Bleach tanks
  • Rubber-lined acid and caustic storage tanks
  • Mixing tanks
  • ASME code stainless and carbon pressure vessel
  • Dragline bucket repair and refurbishment


Steel Manufacturing for Defense and Aerospace

Florida’s Space Coast has long been the home of many defense and aerospace companies. Dixie-Southern has fabricated heat exchangers, large exhaust diffusers, silencers, and manifolds and high-pressure autoclaves used to fuse airplane wings and fuselages. We serve defense and aerospace needs with:

  • ASME code autoclaves
  • Heat exchangers
  • Stainless-steel tanks
  • Pressure containers