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Wind Energy Reaches New Heights - Dixie Southern


Wind Energy Reaches New Heights

Jul 14, 2017

With wind energy, since larger turbines generate more power, it’s best to go big—or go home. That may be the reason that, since 1999, turbines have gotten 50% larger. Now researchers are designing a new turbine larger than the Empire State Building, with a projected 10-times increase in power versus today’s turbines.

This turbine will be a technological marvel with a flexible structure, added for improved protection against hurricane force winds. It will also be fitted with two special blades that are retractable in the event of a hurricane.

With last year showing strong growth for the wind industry, let’s take a look at four trends in the industry.

  1. JOBS! JOBS! JOBS!: There were reportedly over 100,000 Americans employed in the U.S. wind energy in 2016, an industry first, according to a report by the American Wind Energy Association. A whopping 15,000-plus jobs were added last year, many to operate the 52,000 wind turbines across the country. The industry added jobs at a rate that was more than nine times the job growth in the overall economy.
  2. WIND IS NOW KING OF RENEWABLE: In 2016, the U.S. wind industry installed additional megawatts (MW) resulting in over 80,000 MW overall, enough wind energy to power 24 million homes. With this addition, it has now passed hydroelectric power in the U.S., becoming the number one source of renewable generating capacity.
  3. WIND ENERGY POWERS STATES: In Iowa and South Dakota wind energy was responsible for more than 30% of all the electricity in 2016. Kansas, Oklahoma, and North Dakota weren’t far behind, producing more than 20% of their electricity from wind.
  4. DOWN ON THE WIND FARM: The first U.S. offshore wind farm began operations at the end of 2016. Its turbines are almost double the size of the Statue of Liberty. The wind farm is located three miles off Rhode Island’s coast, where its five turbines produce 30MW.


At Dixie-Southern, we proudly support the production of equipment for the wind energy market. Our extensive experience in steel manufacturing is reflected in the quality of our carbon-steel wind turbine towers that can withstand heavy rain, ice, snow, hail and more. We are honored to be considered a leader in custom steel fabrication and take pride in manufacturing all of our products in America. To learn more about our products or if you need a custom steel-fabricated product, contact us today or request a quote now!


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